2019 Tour – #2: Anchorage, April 8,9,10

It was a short plane ride from Juneau to Anchorage on Sunday, April 8, but a big transition from rehearsal mode to full-on tour mode.

Some of the cast actually got to have a day off on Monday, but Tour Manager Joshua, Playwright Anne, and Stage Manager Kadey spent their day purchasing granola bars, gaff tape, tempera paint, and many more last-minute items. It takes a lot of planning to bring 12 people, plus 1,000 pounds of set and equipment, plus food to remote communities.  The purchasing and packing the food is the last, but certainly not least important.

Tuesday was one of our most challenging logistics days since we had to load-in, set-up, perform, take down, load out and bring set to cargo all in one afternoon.

We were performing at North Star Behavioral Health, a closed residential facility for young people with mental health issues.  What a privilege to perform our show for our target audience! When one of our team tried to make conversation with a young North Star resident before the show, he would not engage. After the show, he sought her out and said, “That was a good show.” High praise from a young man who obviously “got” our story. Thank you North Star residents for your focus and attention.

We are grateful to Southcentral Foundation for giving us the opportunity to perform at North Star and for SCF staff who came to watch. The staff at North Star could not have been more welcoming, especially Haley Morrissey who guided us through all the rules.  Laura Baez, NS Director of Risk Management, offered us a trip through the cafeteria line.  We took it. Tour rule #1: never say no to food.

Our only regret is that we didn’t have time to engage with the audience after the show since we had to hustle to get everything to Alaska Airlines Air Cargo before closing time. We just made it.

Early to bed, since we had call to be packed and ready in the hotel lobby at 3:30 a.m. to begin our adventure to the village of Buckland, in the Northwest Arctic Borough.