Enaa Neenyo — Welcome!

The Winter Bear is a play that tells the story
of an Alaska Native teenager
who rises above his past traumas to become a leader
with the help of mentor Sidney Huntington.
The Winter Bear Project combines the play
with outreach developed in cooperation with rural Alaskan communities.

Our Mission:

Change the climate of fear & hopelessness that breeds suicide by
broadening awareness,
stimulating dialogue,
and promoting healing through the performing arts.

Fall 2015 Anchorage Cast & Crew at McLaughlin Youth Center.

Residents from Ruby, Nulato, and Kaltag share their thoughts on the play’s impact in this excerpt from our Yukon-Koyukuk documentary.
You can watch the full documentary on our Vimeo site.


Yukon-Koyukuk Documentary Preview from Winter Bear Project on Vimeo.